The Classic Acapulco Chair Takes on a New Life

Another great old classic chair: they have been around for so long that we almost don't even notice them anymore. But they are emblematic of heat, and beaches and tropical places.

Like Mexico. The Acapulco Chair was born next to the famous “La Quebrada” divers' cliff in Acapulco Bay, a place and time haunted by Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor and where John and Jacqueline Kennedy headed for their honeymoon - in the 1950's.

It's been re-constructed by Mexican artisans with a steel frame and recycled UV filtered PVC woven cord shell. It comes in all kinds of brilliant colours that make it great for outside or in. And it comes in child and adult sizes.

We know from years of sipping mojitos in them that they are pretty comfortable.

First noted in Inhabitat, the Rosarito Chair gets its name from the resort city, Playas de Rosarito, in Baja California, Mexico. It is famous for its surfing.

This gorgeous chair is handcrafted in small workshops in Mexico City in an artisanal way - every piece is slightly different from the others. The chairs are made with recycled PVC cord. You can imagine them outside around a patio table, or inside, equally happy and retro looking.

The chairs are all made by thecommonproject a new collaborative design group, consisting of architects and designers in LA and Barcelona and Mexico City. So they should know about great beach chairs.

They are working on two fronts:

The first one is the revival of classic anonymous designs. On the second, we strongly believe in young designers and undiscovered talent that is waiting for an opportunity to shine. Our mission is to discover and promote these designers. Part of our mission is to unveil contemporary designs with a big traditional /cultural background. Either by the use of materials and aesthetics or by its manufacturing processes.

Can't wait to see what comes next.

The Classic Acapulco Chair Takes on a New Life
We love this chair from the 50's, and it's back in a new, improved, and recycled form.

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