French Beach Furniture is Retro and Recyclable

french beach furnitureColonel/Promo image

What is it about these gorgeous French chairs that is so chic and so "bcbg"? They make you want to drink an aperitif and eat moules by a pool.

Colonel is a small new design company. Created by two designers, their goal is to make a "fresh and contemporary collection", and small though it is, they have succeeded.

french beach furnitureColonel/Promo image

First spotted at Inhabitat, their first collection is inspired by the beach and camping and an outdoor sunny aesthetic. They are taking those wonderful retro colours and patterns of the '60's and making them into something fresh and clean looking. The Caracas chair is inspired by garden furniture. It has a metal frame and simple canvas fabric.

french beach furnitureColonel/Promo image

The Suzie lantern is the most eco of the lot. The playful lights are made of the old plastic American beach chair materials. The designers wind the old fabric around a metal frame and sew it in place by hand. Each one is different, and when the light shines through there are lovely geometric shadows.

french beach furnitureColonel/Promo image

The Bog chair (not sure about the name...) is made out of beech wood and no nails or glue are used in its creation. It is meant to have a very raw (bog standard?) and unfinished look to it.

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