Colombian Studio Shows How to Build Awesome, Cheap Furniture with Pipes, Wood and Wire

With the goal of allowing people who earn a low income to have easy access to nice, design furniture, Colombian studio Dos Uno Design has just launched The Open Tap project: an open source system to build cool pieces with cheap, readily available materials such as galvanized piping, wood and wire.

Their choice of galvanized piping as the main element is explained in its durability, availability and affordability, and the fact that it's versatile enough to allow many arrangements. A chair, a shelf and a table that can be either low or high are the first prototypes launched by the firm.

Although the designs are schemed in a PDF file released and anyone with a good eye for construction can get the general idea on how to make these, Dos Uno now wants to build an online platform to better spread and explain the open source designs.

The Bogota based firm run by Santiago Restrepo, Assaf Wexler, Pablo Fog and Nicolas Lizarralde (previously featured at TreeHugger) is looking for volunteering graphic, web and industrial designers, project managers, and, of course, donators. One way to help is to get one of the pieces from the studio with a nicer finish.

As explained previously in our vast reviews of downloadable, open source designs, these are good for the environment because when avoiding the transportation of goods from manufacturer to consumer, emissions from the product are reduced. Additionally, Dos Uno's products are easy to disassemble and the materials chosen, recyclable.

For more on the project, contact the studio through their website.

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Colombian Studio Shows How to Build Awesome, Cheap Furniture with Pipes, Wood and Wire
In this open source design project, Dos Uno shares cool, easy to make designs for chairs, tables and shelves using cheap readily available materials.

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