Nomad designer makes 'new' recycled furniture every time he moves

Francois Duquesnoy
© Francois Duquesnoy

There's a certain creativity that's aroused when one follows certain conscious and self-imposed restrictions, be it living up to a no-impact ethic or a moneyless lifestyle. Committed to a nomadic life that has seen him move eight times in the last few years, Netherlands-based designer Francois Duquesnoy decided that instead of lugging around furniture for every move, he would assemble discarded stuff found in every new locale into almost-new pieces, suitable for whatever place he would be living in at the moment.

Francois Duquesnoy© Francois Duquesnoy

Dubbing his project "Collectables," Duquesnoy describes his process:

The fact that I move homes frequently encourages me to look for a way to move to new places easily and economically. As furniture is big, heavy and tedious to move, I decided to leave it behind and make new pieces myself.

My fascination for exploring new places by foot or by car shed light on the amount of rubbish and discarded materials littering our neighbourhoods. Instead of buying new materials or furniture, I gather these waste materials and reuse them, creating furniture for my new home, but I also reveal the potential of existing, discarded, readily available and free materials.

Francois Duquesnoy© Francois Duquesnoy
Francois Duquesnoy© Francois Duquesnoy

Duquesnoy usually takes about a week to poke around his new neighbourhood to find materials to reuse, and each time, the result is different, depending on the sites visited and the time spent. Duquesnoy often paints each new collection a different colour, to unify everything and also as a colour-coded, visual reminder of which city he's living in.

Francois Duquesnoy© Francois Duquesnoy

There is a bit of surrealist charm in Duquesnoy's furniture, yet it is quite functional. Ultimately, the act of making furniture that is sourced from his surroundings helps to establish a connection between this nomad and his homes, ensuring that despite his wanderings, he will never feel unrooted. More over at Francois Duquesnoy's site.

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