"Clothing for chairs" lets you reuse and update your furniture

chair wear
© Marleen Sleeuwits

What do you do when your chair wears out or the cat destroys it? Or if you just get tired of it? MocoLoco show us Chair Wear, in which the designers ask: "Why buy a new chair when you can dress up the one you have?"

chair© Marleen Sleeuwits

The designer, Bernotat&Co, explains how it is a different way of looking at upholstery, sort of clothing for chairs.

Chair Wear started as a mildly ironical joke, and ended up in a very inspiring new way of looking at furniture upholstery, of seeing it as a separate item, leading to new constructions, productions techniques and materials.

hoodie© Marleen Sleeuwits

The Hoodini is flexible and practical:

The multifunctional Hoodini - baggy storage space when hanging over the back of the chair and a privacy screen when pulled over the sitter's head like a hood.

chair wear© Marleen Sleeuwits

Knit-Net, essentially a chair cushion, it's made of specially developed 3D knitwear inspired by the protective foam net packaging of expensive apples.

So much of our stuff just gets thrown out, when all it really needs is a new coat. More at Mocoloco and Bernotat&Co

"Clothing for chairs" lets you reuse and update your furniture
Bernotat&Co presents a different way of looking at upholstery.

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