Clever: X-Based Transformer Standing Desk Cranks Down to a Sitting Desk

X bases are ancient. They were a staple of campaign furniture and of transformer furniture, because they fold up in seconds. Dezeen notes that they are also in ironing boards.

X bases are so logical for convertible standing desks; it is such an easy solution for getting different heights. Danish design firm KiBiSi have created the X-table, a hand-cranked convertible desk and it is elegant and simple, one of those solutions that make you wonder why one would do it any other way.

The designers write:

XTable is a manually height adjustable desk. A piece of office machinery that accommodates multiple working positions and daily reshuffling. XTable uses manual kinetic power instead of electricity for height adjustments – saves energy and keeps users active. All technical features are constructively integrated in the table top. It uses a century old principle known from carjacks, ironing boards and other iconic tools. The principle coupled with a desk is a radical redesign of the traditional office desk. XTable is designed with an optional storage solution for office supplies and other belongings.

No information on costs, but I want one, from KiBiSI

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