Clever Flatpack Chair Held Together With Cable Ties

cuatro cuatro chair with personCuatro Cuatros /Promo image

"Less Is More" is a mantra around here; we love clean, minimalist design that takes up less space and costs less to transport. Spanish designers Cuatro Cuatros have taken minimalism to a new extreme with their Almohadilla chair; it is made out of just six pieces that are held together with plastic cable ties.

cuatro cuatro chair with side tableCuatro Cuatros /Promo image
The designers write:

This chair is formed by several perpendicular planes assembled. The six planes are embedded in an intuitive way through tabs that hold the position and it remains attached by cable ties. If you want to dismount the chair, just cut it.

cuatro cuatro chairCuatro Cuatros /Promo image

I must confess that it doesn't look particularly ergonomic or comfortable, but it is clever. More at Cuatro Cuatros, found on Materialicious.

Clever Flatpack Chair Held Together With Cable Ties
It doesn't get more minimalist than this.

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