Clever Desk Design Assembles In Seconds, is Held Together With Ratchet Straps

Scrivmania Desk© Studio Lievito

Polyester ratchet straps were designed to tie things down tightly, quickly. They are strong and cheap, and we have recently seen them used in furniture and even houses.

Now Studio Lievito of Florence, Italy, uses them in an unusual way to create a desk. Instead of simply holding a box together, like most of the other designs we have shown, they use the straps in tension to pull the tops of the legs together, locking them in place. No screws, no connectors, just tension holds it all together. It doesn't get any more minimal than this. Not only that, the straps do double duty here, providing a bit of storage and a sense of enclosure.

Parts of desk© Studio Lievito

The designers explain in their submission to Designboom:

The design is an investigation into the simple, industrial qualities of the materials used to achieve a structure without typical joints. To achieve this quality, the table is made from a two-color varnished plywood top, iron milled legs and these are combined by four polyester straps with ratchets.

Closeup of attachment© Studio Lievito

The thing that excites me about these designs is how little there is to them, and how effectively they use simple materials like straps to their best advantage. Less truly is more.

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