Circuit Boards and Ribbon Cables Repurposed As Furniture

binary chair brc design photo

Images credit BRC Designs from press page on flickr

Benjamin Rollins Caldwell of BRC Designs shows us the BNR011000110110100001100001011010010111001001-00110001 , AKA the Binary 2 Chair, built up from the frame of an old industrial printer, covered in "a collage of motherboards, computer chips, lcd screens and hard drive disks held in place by sheet metal screws." I particularly like how the upholstery is woven from ribbon cables.

binary chair brc design photo

It doesn't just sit there, either;

The chair also has an interactive quality as the hard drive disks can be spun, the telephone keys and other buttons can be pressed, and the antennae raised and adjusted.

binary chair brc design photo

I do worry about the sharp edges, the toxic chemicals found in old circuit boards and components that might leach out, and how one might keep this clean, but other than those minor caveats, it looks like a wonderful repurposing of old electronics. More at BRC Designs, found on Core77
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