Chmoebel fastener-free-furniture

Yep, we’ve been scooped yet again by Design*Sponge. But when a line of furniture appears that is assembled sans nails, screws, adhesives, indeed any sort of fastener, it deserve a spot on TH too. Made in Switzerland using the same laser cutting factory as the European Space Agency these seats and tables are soon to be joined by bookcases and beds. Designed by Christian Frey to be shipped flat and easily assembled by people with four thumbs. No hex spanner required! Can even be dissembled too, if need arises, like when moving house. They look sturdy. Materials-wise plywood is a better environmental choice than particle board or craftwood, as well. Normally it has less formaldehyde content and coming from Europe this will be doubly true. Via Design*Sponge. ::Chmoebel [by WM]