Chair made from 1739 Aluminum Can Tabs


They still have pull tabs in Colombia, so designer Carlos Alberto Montana Hoyos got all of his friends to collect them and he created this chair, using zip ties to hold it all together. According to Inhabitat, "Hoyos’ unique lounge chair incorporates traditional handicraft techniques with cutting-edge contemporary design"

In a comment to Inhabitat, the artist says that it is a lot of work to put it together, but "In some countries in Latin America or Asia, much of the waste recycling is actually done by hand. This kind of project gives work to the poeple who classify the wastes, and also give jobs to urban handcrafters..We should as designers try to follow BiIl Mc Donoughs Cradle to Cradle approach and think in the life cycle since conception of the product. But there is so much waste around already, that why not give it a try to use it in other ways?" ::Inhabitat


all images from Inhabitat

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