Chair and Bookcase Combination is "An Escape in the Room"

At ICFF in May, I marvelled at a Strandkorb, or beach basket, a lovely piece of transformer furniture that unfolded from a wicker trunk to a comfortable sofa with storage and footrests. It was invented in Germany in 1882.

In 2004, designer Nils Holger Moormann (known to TreeHugger readers for his Bookinist Chair) brought it inside, giving the user an opportunity to sort of slip away to the imaginary beach of carpet, which is included. He calls it Lese+Lebe, German for Read+Live.

‘Hieronymus im Gehäuse’, a beach chair on the sea, a Lokomotive dining compartment - Lese+Lebe awakes pictures in us. An escape in the room, which invites you to just sit down and relax while having a cup of tea and browsing in your favourite book.

The back of the two-seater is formed by the shelf itself. On the left or right side of the backrest, a board can be folded down as a table. This makes it possible to access the shelf from both sides. Hidden under the seat are extendable footrests and drawers with a lot of space for stowing.

A coloured carpet provides a suitable frame of mind.

More at Nils Holger Moormann, found on Chair Blog

Chair and Bookcase Combination is "An Escape in the Room"
An indoor version of the outdoor StrandKorb has everything you need

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