Camping In Your Apartment: More Folding Tables That Take Up Less Space


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Witold Rybczynski writes in HOME: A short History of an Idea that in the middle ages, "people didn't live in homes so much as camp in them." I always thought it would work very well again for those who try to live in small spaces or have to move a lot. That's why I love these transformer tables and chairs that fold up to nothing, they might have been perfect for the LifeEdited project.
This one is really cheap too, at only $ 141 and includes seating for four. Graham could buy three of them and and solve his dining-4-12 requirement, tables and chairs included, for under $ 500 with room for a few bottles of wine.


One of my favourite LifeEdited entries was Borghese's proposal for reconstructing an Airstream trailer in the apartment, and essentially camping outside of it; this table would fit right in.


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Another very interesting option is the Spiderlegs table, made in America from Baltic birch, which is usually a sustainably harvested ply.

Quality craftsmanship and special care is taken to match wood between the folding halves of the table. The table is designed to accommodate up to six adults for games or four full place settings. Table folds like a suitcase for easy storage and has its own built in handle for easy for transport.

You can see it unfold in this video. More great ideas for small spaces at LifeEdited
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