Butterfly Stool

She's one of my favorites. Sure, she's tiny, expensive and I probably would never actually sit on her. But...she's beautiful, elegant, timeless, reasonably sustainable and I'll still love her in 50 years. Designed in 1954 by Sori Yanagi this little stool is easy to disassemble for recycling, is lightweight, durable and comes in a sustainably forested rosewood. $3-400.Check the detailing!!...the way they cut the veneer allows them to ensure that each half mirrors the grain of the other half. I love the obsessiveness. Maple or rosewood. Brass connectors. Expensive little sucker at $3-400 but divide that by 50 years and it feels a lot better. A quick search revealed some at Velocity in Seattle for $306/$324. ::Buy at Velocity ::Get the 2.5" mini version :: Visit Yanagi's official site