Build a TV tray for the computer age

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There are standing desks and sitting desks; I have tried to make the case for the no-desk, where you work in any number of places instead of being locked into one. Over at Instructibles, craftclarity shows a version of the classic TV table that lets you use your computer and switch it out for your TV dinner, thanks to that convenient slot below the surface. He writes:

This project was born when I was using my laptop while watching TV with my wife one afternoon and realized that I didn't have an easy place to stash my precious computer while I ate. A few sketches and some research later, I had a nice little folding TV tray/portable workstation.

Now one might make the case that perhaps you shouldn't eat where you work. On the other hand it is a good example of a no-desk, available for those times when you might want to be in a comfy chair while you work instead of standing or sitting at a real desk.

Decades ago, people used to have specific furniture designed for using the telephone; it was connected to the wall and you needed a place for the phone book as well as the clunky phone. As phones got smaller and went wireless, the telephone table disappeared. As computers get smaller, lighter, and merge with our phones, it's possible that our desks will disappear as well, and the old TV table might have a real comeback.

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They are the handiest thing around the house. Build it at instructables.

Build a TV tray for the computer age
Now you never have to get up from your chair with this clever Instructables.

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