Brent Coomber's Fallen Branch Furniture

AAIIIIYYYEEE! There's something about seeing natural grain like this that makes want to wail like a camel herder. I couldn't get the variegated patterns out of my mind last night. You can click here to get a full look. Brent Coomber is a Vancouver-based artist who makes these pieces out of fallen alder branches. To make the tables, Coomber fastens the branches together in rows with nails, applies glue, then carves the resulting piles into the cubic shapes seen here.About this work, Coomber says:
I have always loved the spaces created between the trees in
a forest. I was inspired by the positive and negative shapes and the play of light against dark. I think the resulting design captures this dynamic. The round ends also remind me of bubbles surfacing on still water.

:: Brent Coomber Designs via Inhabitat

[by Justin Thomas]