Blue Spark Table by Skrewgun


Inspired by wanting to reduce the visual clutter of all the electronic devices we charge every day, designer Sean Barrow's Blue Spark table uses a smart combination of organic materials, metal and technology to create a beautiful, functional piece of furniture. Made from pin oak sourced from an urban forestry program in Olympia, Washington, the table hides six outlets -- for charging your cellphone, iPod and whatever else needs to be sporadically plugged in -- behind the serene glow of a blue LED light; flip the switch in the back, and the whole table "turns off", cutting the power and cutting back on phantom loads while providing a functional side table. Says designer Barrow, "I feel that some morning I am going to wake up and this thing is going to be in my kitchen, making some coffee and frying up some eggs." Check out more of the recent design graduates' work, including a feature in MAKE: magazine, at his website. ::Skrewgun

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