Creative loom-inspired bookcase suspends books in mid-air

Raw Edges
© Raw Edges

Storage is one of those places where innovative design can shine, and we've seen plenty of interesting designs over the years, with bookshelves topping the list. Israeli designers Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay of Raw Edges approach the book storage problem with a poetic gesture: their elegant Bloom bookcase looks more like a musical instrument than a tool for organization, but works beautifully for the latter nonetheless.

Raw Edges© Raw Edges

Titled Bloom, the design was inspired by traditional weaving looms, and works with the aid of moveable black and red stoppers that allows the user to position and present their literary treasures in any configuration they can imagine, in addition to giving the illusion of books that look like they are suspended in the air.

Raw Edges© Raw Edges

Turning the books and bookcase itself into a both an artistic, organizational tool and a surefire conversation starter, this piece has been handcrafted out of wood and makes the formerly ordinary activity of arranging one's paper books into one of preciousness and great forethought -- something that can be hard to come by nowadays in our overly busy world. Check out the rest of Raw Edge's projects here.

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