Blindstool from Castor Canadensis


We have always loved the humor and art from Castor Canadensis, whether it was the prefab sauna , the recycled tube light, their ultimate flatpack, and my favourite, their demonstration of the power of the compact flourescent.

Now they have a new tongue in cheek look at northern classics, the blind stool.


"The Blind Stool is cast in aluminum from a stool found in a duck blind in Northern Ontario. It is a collaboration between Castor and an unknown hunter. The wood grain, screws and rust patina are all in intact after casting. It has been finished with hand tooling, a black patina and has a leather handle for quick getaways."


In case you were wondering what a blind was. I suspect that one's rear end might get a little cold, sitting on a solid aluminum stool. But it will last and hey, it's recyclable. ::Castor via ::mocoloco