Be ready for anything with Fear Furniture

Fear Furniture
© Steven M. Johnson

Resilience, that buzzword for being ready for anything, was described by one wag as "sustainability with guns", on the assumption that if you have the food and the water to survive a crisis, somebody is going to try and take it from you. Today, instead of Fear Furniture, Steven M. Johnson of Patent Depending might call this a Resilient Recliner or Sustainable Sofa and accentuate the positive. We're not afraid, we're prepared!

Examples that we have shown on TreeHugger of similar ideas:

The Lifeguard desk can hold up to a million pounds of pancaked building on top. If it had a monitor inside it could make a nice quiet office all on its own. More: Be ready for anything with the Lifeguard desk
Earthquake bedDiginfo/Promo image

This Woodluck canopy bed can withstand 65 tons of load on top. Steven's earthquake canopy is pretty ugly by comparison. More: Wretched Excess Comes To The Bedroom

Earthquake Table© Arthur Brutter and Ido Bruno

This desk can hold a metric tonne (2200 lbs) and is "designed for a range of collapse scenarios." Given that it is from Israel, there certainly is a range that goes beyond earthquakes. More: School Desk Designed To Protect Students From Earthquakes and Other Disasters

TreeHugger loves multifunction furniture, and we are seriously into preppers resilience, being prepared for anything. That's why the Couchbunker is the perfect item for any TreeHugger home; inside this elegant three-seater sofa is a safe that will protect all your valuables, including up to 30 rifles. And, the cushions are bulletproof, " serving as portable, personal shields, will stop a 44 Magnum at point blank range." More: Transformer Furniture: Be ready for anything with the Couchbunker


Who could forget the Safe Bedside Table. Designer James McAdam describes it as having "a removable leg that acts as a club and a top that doubles as a shield for self-defence." More: We Can't Make This Stuff Up Dept: "Safe Bedside Table"

Be ready for anything with Fear Furniture
Steven M. Johnson shows us transformer furniture that's resilient and sustainable.

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