Another way to hang your bike on the wall: The Elk

bike holder
© Oak Wood Bike Hanger "Elk" by Woodstick Ltd.

If you live in a small space and have to bring your bike inside, designs like these make a virtue out of necessity. They display your pride and joy artfully; they just look lovely. We have shown 10 Ways To Hang Your Bike On The Wall Like A Work Of Art; now we crank it up to eleven.

What's neat about this one is that it appears to be cut out of a single piece of wood, cut at an odd angle that gives it such visual interest. Although there is something going on behind the scenes to hold it onto the wall.

The product has its own special character from all viewing angles that makes this product simply special. It comes with an easy to use mount system that can be installed by 3 standard screws on plasterboards, wood and concrete walls, and all other typical walls.

About $US 300 at Oak Wood Bike Hanger "Elk" by Woodstick Ltd. Found on Design Sponge, where Grace notes, "Most of the racks on the market are more function than form, but it’s been great to see designers start to tackle the world of indoor racks." I concur.

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