Amazing Folditure Chair Flattens In A Second, Hangs In Closet

leafFolditure/Promo image

TreeHugger has shown a lot of folding chairs over the years, but never one that can slide under a door like this one. It is the Leaf, designed by architect Alexander Gendell at Folditure. Just a flick of the finger and it goes from being a comfortable chair to completely flat, less than 3/4 of an inch. Graham Hill could probably use a dozen for his LifeEdited.

folditure leafLloyd Alter/CC BY 2.0
It is a transformer chair that sort of looks like it would be at home in a transformer movie. Alexander notes that most folding furniture is based on the principle of a single axis, but his designs are more complex and dynamic.

Folditure is revolutionizing folding furniture by utilizing modern materials, new geometries, and our unique inventions, to create space-saving, flexible forms for the future. Folditure is architecturally crafted furniture with comfort, stability, and eye-catching form in mind. With the single release of a button, the elegant streamlined form transforms into a super-slim design made for easy storing.

Seven seconds of fun. More at Folditure

Amazing Folditure Chair Flattens In A Second, Hangs In Closet
It's funny looking, but this chair folds to less than an inch in thickness in no time flat.

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