Alexander Pelikan's Flatpack Downloadable Chairs

pelican clic chair image
Cliclounger from Alexander Pelikan

We love downloadable designs. Why move material when we are interested in ideas, creativity and talent? Dutch designer Alexander Pelican does too. He designs modernist furniture inspired by Reitveld and writes:

clic-bamboo chair image
cliclounger in bamboo

The future could be fully digital furniture where the customer only buys the file needed for manufacture, steps to the closest milling facility and lets his piece be produced locally on the spot.

And in this way 'immaterialized' product would cut down a lot on transport- and material costs, be very environmentally-conscious and above all it would broaden the freedom of design…

pelican-detail image

Graham Hill just pointed out an interesting detail- the "click fit" fasteners that hold it together, cut right out of the plywood. That is a detail we have not seen in furniture before. Like a plastic snap-together unit, the tabs take the load while the snap fasteners hold it together.

clic-dining table image
clic dining chair and table

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