Adapt Design: More Bamboo for You

Bamboo, Bamboo, Bamboo, how do we love you. Well, the answer is a lot. Quick to renew, strong, durable, and really great looking, this is a Treehugger's choice material. We covered Adapt Design's bamboo plywood Spring chair and Becca Stool earlier in the year, but they've got so much other great stuff, they're worth another look...Adapt certainly is adaptable; many of their tables can be made in varying heights, and some have variable surface materials. The Game table is a great coffee table type piece. The Hi-lo table comes in either high or low form, and would be perfect as an end table or nightstand. The Zaisu chair is very much like the Spring, but without a foot, so it sits right on the ground. Adapt recommends bringing it to the beach, but a park or concert would be equally apt. Or, if none of these beauties tickle your fancy, Adapt can do custom work, like the LP storage and DJ workstation shown here. It's all bamboo and aluminum, and it's all gorgeous. :: Adapt Design

Game Table

HiLo Table

Zaisu Chair and HiLo Table

LP Storage

DJ Workstation