A Garden Table That Doubles as a Rain Barrel


photo: Design by Davies

More and more people are harvesting rainwater in their gardens and a new eco-inspired garden table by Simon Davies can help stylish gardeners do just that. Rain water that lands on the outdoor table flows directly into a tank located below the table top. Read on to learn what inspired Davies to create the table.A new garden table created by Simon Davies harvests rainwater through the tabletop. The table, made of mixed recycled polymers, uses the top surface to channel water into a holding tank below. It's practical, light weight, and perfect for those that want to begin to harvest rainwater and save on water use in their gardens.


The top surface is detachable and the tank is located just below the surface. A tap, located in the tank, makes accessing the water simple.

Davies was inspired to create the designer table by the growing interest in urban gardening and reducing urban heat islands. Urban heat islands (when the temperature is significantly hotter in cities) are created in cities by a lack of greenery and urban development that uses materials which retain too much heat.

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