Folding Furniture Is Dining Table, Desk and Coffee Table in One

3style table transformer furniturekchumakova/Video screen capture

In a small space, who needs a separate desk, dining table and coffee table? They're rarely used at the same time and require three times the materials to produce as a single piece that serves all the functions. That single piece is the 3styletable, by David Christian.

The 3styletable includes just five components, which can be moved around (without using tools) to go from dining table to coffee table to desk. The three pieces that form the base are made from white ash, the top panels from plywood skins glued onto a frame. Everything is held together by a series of slots and ball springs, firmly locking pieces together yet allowing them to be disassembled.

To go from dining table to coffee table, the panels are taken off and the base turned on its side so it's just 18 inches above the floor. The panels are popped back on, one a few inches above the other, making a two layered table. The desk uses a wider base and only the larger of the two panels. It's a bare bones design- no drawers.

Like most transformer furniture, this is a design that works best if you don't have much stuff (an idea that's catching on). If I had to take everything off my desk every time I wanted to eat dinner, I'd go crazy. But for those committed to living with less in less space, without sacrificing quality or style, the 3styletable is a great option. Watch it in action:

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Folding Furniture Is Dining Table, Desk and Coffee Table in One
A table created by David Christian serves transforms, without the use of tools.

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