Modular 3D printed furniture is inspired by molecular links

Christian Sjöström
© Christian Sjöström

Digital fabrication is opening new doors for designers who are interested in manufacturing products efficiently or printing things out of unexpected materials like salt. Hoping to stimulate creativity, while reducing a "throwaway mentality," Danish designer Christian Sjöström created this set of modular components to make a versatile set of furniture.

Inspired by molecular structures and seen over at Designboom, the "Link" collection is made out of three ash wood struts of three different lengths and a variety of surfaces, and are connected by a series of selective laser sintered ball joints of anodized aluminum.

Christian Sjöström © Christian Sjöström

Says Sjöström:

Repeated elements [and] a system of three parts linked together like building blocks makes it possible to create a variety of different furniture. With Link I hope to decrease material abundance through rebuilding, creating new purposes and shape expressions.

Christian Sjöström © Christian Sjöström

Christian Sjöström © Christian Sjöström

The design is simple, but the possibility of being able to configure it as one desires gives it an imaginative charm. One could potentially build structures, not just furniture, in such a manner, and It's an interesting idea that makes modular design and furniture customization more hands-on. Check out Designboom and Christian Sjöström.

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