7 Planet-Friendly Dog Beds for Comfy Canines

brown and white dog laying in a dog bed

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We dog owners know finding a good dog bed is no simple task. We need something that will last a long time and is easy to wash. Preferably it has a cover that can be replaced. And, because we love both our dogs and the planet, we don't want a dog bed that is as packed with chemicals as it is stuffing. It's hard to find this all in one affordable package. But don't worry, we've done the leg-work for you and have rounded up companies doing a great job with creating and sourcing dog beds for us earth-conscious dog owners.

Super stylish, comfortable, durable and yes, environmentally friendly. Check out these seven companies and their beautiful dog beds that will match your style, sustainable mindset, and most importantly, Fido's needs.

West Paw Design

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West Paw Designs

West Paw Design has a range of great dog beds, including mats and beds with bumpers. They also have extra-padded beds perfect for dogs with achy joints. Their beds are made with either organic cotton or extra durable fabric created from recycled plastic bottles. The filling is recycled IntelliLoft fill, which is also made from recycled plastic bottles. The company states: "Made in the USA and completely washable, these dog beds will help you and your dog sleep in peace with nature."


bowser bed image, dog in a dog bed outside

Bowser Bowsers

Bowser Bowsers has a beautiful "Eco Futon" rectangular bed as well as an Organic Hemp Oval bed. The Eco Futon is constructed with "Eco Tech fleece" made from recycled plastic bottles and it is stuffed with "Super-Loft" recycled plastic fibers. Meanwhile, the Organic Hemp Oval bed has it's own environmental benefits. From Bowsers, "Hemp is a highly sustainable crop, grown without the use of harmful chemicals, and in near drought conditions reducing the drain on precious water resources. Hemp is also very durable and strong, and resistant to abrasions, tears, mildew and sun exposure." It is also filled with "super loft" fibers.


play bed image dog bed blue

P.L.A.Y: Pet Lifestyle and You has a wide range of beds that include both traditional padded beds and some super cute snuggly beds for dogs that really love to curl up. The fill is made from recycled plastic bottles, and the company uses FSC paper for their tags. There are a ton of fabric designs to choose from for those of us who like a little bit of art thrown in the mix. You can also get just the fabric case, and fill it with your own rags, blankets or extra pillows, cutting down on resources used for a new bed.

This is one brand I can personally vouch for. I have the SFyline for my dog who also loves to dig into the pillow for a minute or two before settling down. It's lasted through his vigorous digging, and multiple washes, and is still keeping its shape just fine with very little wear on the fabric.

Harry Barker

harry barker dog bed image
Harry Baker

Harry Barker has quite a few dog bed designs, each with their own eco-friendly attributes. For example, their Solid Canvas Round dog beds are filled with fiber made from recycled plastic bottles and their Hemp Stripe rectangular dog bed is made with non-chemical, earth-friendly dyes. With an eye for all-natural and environmentally responsible goods, the site states, "Harry Barker uses earth friendly fabrics and azo-free dyes, eco-fleece and 'green' bed inserts made from 100% post consumer recycled plastics."

Big Shrimpy

big shrimpy dog bed image

Big Shrimpy has beds that look so comfortable you might just want to test them out yourself. Coming in a variety of styles and classic earth-tone colors, these beds are made to last forever. In fact, the company hopes that this will be the last dog bed you ever have to buy and it even comes with a three-year warranty. Components are sold separately so if damage is done to the fabric, or inner liner, you can replace just that piece. Unlike other beds that use filling made from recycled plastic bottles, Big Shrimpy uses a different strategy for their filling: "Most recycled filling is made from plastic bottles, which require lots of energy to melt and reprocess into fiber. Our process simply collects existing leftover fiber pieces from a few different waste streams. Then the different fibers are blended to become the filling placed in our beds." Also, when you're done with the dog bed (if ever) and want to get rid of it, you can send it back to the company and they'll recycle it for you. That's a great deal!


olive bed image dog bed blue red yellow

Olive is a great resource for environmentally friendly dog supplies and they have a huge selection of dog beds selected from manufacturers all over the world. If you don't want to buy direct from a specific company but want to browse through a hub of eco-friendly dog beds, this is a great site. You can find exactly the size, shape, thickness, and pattern you're looking for through this Austin, TX-based company, including beds from several of the companies recommended in this article.

Greener Pup

greener pup image
 Green Pup

Greener Pup has a fun selection of beds including beds with a planet Earth design. You know, just in case you wanted everyone else to know how eco-friendly your pooch's bed really is. The filling is made from recycled plastic, and the covers are made from earth-friendly fabrics and are removable and machine washable. Greener Pup states, "Depending on the size of the bed, which have 7-12 pounds of filling each, we're saving 70-120 plastic bottles from being dumped into our landfills!" Also, the creator of these beds is an interior designer to celebrities so if you like to follow in the foot steps of favorite earth-conscious actors and actresses, you might want to check out this line.