8 Eco-Friendly Beauty Brands From Around the World

A skincare line that is stored in amber bottles.

Courtesy of Crawford Street Skin Care

Since our skin is our body's largest organ, shouldn't the stuff we put on our face, lips, and eyes be made out of the purest ingredients, found only in nature? Unfortunately, not so much. But customer's demands for organic beauty have reached a pivotal point, and recent studies show that natural is finally outpacing chemical. Gregg Renfrew, founder of Beautycounter (a Santa Monica-based company committed to clean beauty), told Fast Company in 2017:

"The space for cleaner, safer, better beauty has grown and is only continuing to grow. In fact, natural and safer brands are outselling their traditional competitors by two to threefold."

Thanks to these market predictions and big brands also adding natural lines (see Target, Sephora, and CVS just to name a few), the range of toxic-free makeup has never been so bountiful. We've gathered some of the most innovative, entrepreneur-driven beauty brands out there for you to peruse the next time you're in need of a parabens and phthalates-free lipstick, eyeshadow, or blush.

1. Crawford Street Skin Care, Canada

An Asian woman in a sweater applies cream to her face.

10'000 Hours / Getty Images

Our friends to the north also have a bounty of botanical options. Founder Gaelyne Leslie began Crawford Street Skin Care (pictured above) in 2010 after a bad allergic reaction to her commercial brand of face moisturizer. Eight years later, Leslie still creates all her products in small batches in a laboratory on Crawford Street in Toronto, with her friends and family filling in as her "guinea pig" testers.

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2. Juice Beauty, California

Juice Beauty green apple moisturizer on green apples

Courtesy of Juice Beauty

This California-born brand has some big-time celebrity fans: Gwyneth Paltrow, Alicia Silverstone, and Kate Hudson, just to name a few. In fact, Paltrow picked Juice Beauty in 2016 to create Goop’s first private-label products, including an organic skincare line and makeup made with phyto-pigments. The brand more than lives up to its name — its products use nutrient-rich botanical juice instead of chemical fillers, and many of its ingredients wouldn't be out of place in your own kitchen (think aloe vera, grape juice, and apple juice).

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3. Melvita, France

Beauty products from French brand Melvita

Courtesy of Melvita

Leave it to the French to be ahead of their time. Melvita was founded in 1983 by a real-life beekeeper and biologist in the Ardèche region of France, so you can bet that many of their products include a bit of honey. They were one of the first first brands to be granted the ECOCERT label, and both their packaging and factory are eco-friendly, too. Bonus: the lovely French actress Marillon Cotillard is also a fan.

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4. Korres, Greece

Korres Wild Rose cream with rose petals

Courtesy of Korres

Korres comes from the oldest homeopathic pharmacy in Athens. With ingredients like wild rose, basil, and pomegranate popping up in their products, it's no surprise that the company actually employs "plant-hunters" to look for new plants and study their beauty benefits. They've also established long-term partnerships with organic farmers, local communities, and agricultural unions to ensure the farm-to-beauty process remains transparent and clean.

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5. MarieNatie, Canada

MarieNatie gluten free lipstick with avocado

Courtesy of MarieNatie

Another Canadian brand, MarieNatie, was started by a young woman named Marie in 2009. Frustrated that she had to choose between the stylish packaging of drugstore brands versus the crunchy hippie vibes of makeup found only in health food stores, Marie decided to combine both. Find her fun and feminine makeup in Ottawa, Toronto, and online stores.

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6. Inika, Australia

Inika mineral eye shadow with leaves

Courtesy of Inika

From Down Under comes Inika, a 100% vegan and certified organic beauty line. The name comes from the Sanskrit word for "small earth," and the company truly takes this to heart. Considered a pioneer in the organic beauty world, Inika has garnered more than 35 international awards in product innovation, and was reportedly the first vegan lipstick on the market. Consider them one of the OG's of the natural beauty movement.

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7. Tata Harper, Vermont

Tata Harper skincare lineup

Courtesy of Tata Harper

Like many of the previous entrepreneurs, Harper created her brand after experiencing frustration with mainstream beauty products and its toxic ingredients. Unlike other green brands that focus on simplicity, Harper is an enthusiastic proponent of technology. Her Elixir Vitae Serum uses neuropeptide technology to relax wrinkles, while her website encourages you to look for the "High Performing Ingredients icon on your box and on our site to see just how many bioactive botanicals are working to make your skin beautiful."

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8. Green People, U.K.

Green People UK damask rose lipstick

Courtesy of Green People

In 1994, founder Charlotte Vøhtz's daughter was suffering from skin allergies and eczema. Cut to twenty years later, and Green People is one of the biggest eco beauty brands in the UK, with products packed with up to 99% active natural and organic ingredients. Their lineup also includes skincare for men and organic baby wash and shampoo — of which the Duchess of Cambridge is reported to use on Princess Charlotte.

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