Eco Fail: Subway Car Reef Project Disintegrates

These subway cars are on their way to become an artificial reef. (Photo: Steven Fine [CC BY-SA 4.0]/Wikimedia Commons)

Gee, who could have possibly foreseen this?

A program that dumped old subway cars into the ocean to provide habitat for marine life has been deemed a total and utter failure after officials found that most of the cars have disintegrated.

New Jersey has suspended the program in the face of these poor results. Delaware has reportedly found better success with their cars because they used older cars made from steel instead of the stainless steel used in the newer cars.

I can understand the appeal of programs like this -- we get to dump waste while portraying it as an environmental initiative. What politician in her right mind wouldn't want to sign on to something that's going to save money and look green?

We've tried this before. They dumped a couple of million old tires into the sea off Florida's coast in the '70s only to watch the tires break away and wreck havoc on the sea floor. Tires started washing up on shore and caused damage to actual reefs when currents pushed them around.

Dumping our crap into the sea to give fish a place to live is just dumb. We continue to prove amazingly adept at screwing up our oceans.