How to Dye Easter Eggs With Natural Ingredients

Blueberries, spinach and beets can color your Easter eggs naturally. (Photo: SAQUIZETA/Shutterstock)

'Tis the season for Easter bonnets, candy baskets and egg dyeing. If you love to dye eggs with your kids, keep it green by using natural ingredients to dye your eggs instead of those garish store-bought varieties. It's easier (and cheaper) than you think! Just raid your refrigerator and pantry for these ingredients:

  • Yellow: Onion skins, turmeric, lemon peels, saffron
  • Red: Beets, cranberries, paprika, raspberries
  • Purple: Red wine, red cabbage
  • Green: Spinach
  • Blue: Blueberries
  • Brown: Coffee, tea

Simply boil the ingredient in some water (with a little vinegar added) for about 15 minutes. Allow the mixture to cool, strain the liquid and pour into cups for dipping. Small plastic cups make great dye vats, as do applesauce cups and yogurt containers. Add a little oil for your dye to create a marbled effect. Dip your way to all-natural Easter egg fun!

Watch a video and see how beautiful the natural dyes can be: