Turning into a weekday vegetarian, one recipe at a time

We are two months into 2013 and I have already let resolutions slide.

Last year I got lazy, and bored when it came to food. Uninspired and busy, my partner and I became a little too used to cooking a couple of staples during the week and eating out the rest of the time. A resolution of mine for this year was to try and get creative in the kitchen, or at least a little more enthusiastic than making homemade pizza or sandwiches for dinner. So far, I haven't acted on the resolution. But recently when we started buying frozen food for the first time since college, I knew that was the sure sign that I'd better get cracking.

Rather than spending a ton of money on new cook books, I thought why not go through the archives of the recipes on TreeHugger. Kelly Rossiter has been whipping up amazing vegetarian dishes for years and posting her recipes for us to try. So this year, I'm going through them, cooking them up and photographing them as I go. It's a project reminiscent of Julie and Julia. I'll be regularly selecting recipes to cook, and republishing them with new mouthwatering photos and a few notes about what it was like to cook these for myself.

Hopefully "The Cooking Project" will help improve not only my own eating habits and health, but also inspire you to try some of the great recipes we have here on the site thanks to Kelly. Be sure to check out the tag page for all the recipes I try out.

Here's to a great year of celebrating well-loved recipes!

Turning into a weekday vegetarian, one recipe at a time
An exploration of our archives of weekday vegetarian recipes is turning into a year-long cooking challenge for this novice chef.

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