Leftover Halloween Pumpkin? The Vegan Zombie's Pumpkin Soup Recipe

vegan zombie pumpkin soup photoVegan Zombie/Video screen capture

The newly vegan Ozzy Osbourne will be pleased.

Anyone who caught the Vegan Zombie’s excessively gory French toast episode will not be surprised to know that he produced an episode for Halloween. (OK, I’m a few days late in posting.)

And he’s cooking pumpkin soup.

Sadly, for those of us who like bad horror at least, once again this episode is more about cooking pumpkin than killing zombies. But still, it’s a well-made, entertaining cooking show.

Purists who weren’t keen on the Vegan Zombie’s love of vegan cheese and other processed produce could probably figure out an alternative to the vegan cream cheese and sour cream, but otherwise this looks like a delicious, seasonal recipe.

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