Going vegan? Serious Eats has good advice for beginners

J. Kenji López-Alt of Serious Eats has been going vegan for all of February and is compiling a huge collection of links, recipes and advice for beginners.

To be honest, I eat neither a vegan or vegetarian diet, but I found this post to be a great resource of recipes and advice for eating healthier. Like TreeHugger's Weekday Vegetarian approach to an environmentally-friendlier diet, cutting back on meat intake is still good for the environment and one can get the health benefits by adding some vegan dishes to his or her cooking repertoire. So vegan or not, this Serious Eats link is definitely worth a bookmark.

I also like this list of Top 10 Tips For A First-Time Vegan. Some of it is just good advice for life, in general:

8. So you messed up. Don't sweat it. Again, the key to being a successful vegan is to live the lifestyle as much as is reasonably possible. There may be some who disagree with me on this, but if you've just realized that you accidentally ate some butter or that the curry you just tasted had fish sauce in it, don't kill yourself. Stuck on the road with no prospect of vegan food for the next couple days? Well don't starve yourself, just do the best you can. The moment any diet stops being fun is the moment you begin to think it might not be worth it.
10. Don't judge others. So you disagree with someone else's lifestyle choice. So what? You're not perfect either. The best way to help people and win them over is to teach by action, no lecturing. Bring some vegan food over or treat them to a vegan meal. If you want to make the change and keep your friends while you're at it, you have to realize that not everybody is at the same place in their life, and not everybody has the same value system as yours.

Well said.

via Kottke

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