Fig Brûlée Dessert Recipe

Oh figs, how I love thee. This is probably my favorite fruit. I love the taste, the texture and the way it looks--so beautiful and delicate. For this reason, I am always looking for ways to include figs in a meal. I have put them on pizza, grilled them and now I have brûléed them! Oh, this dessert is simply divine.

  • Organic figs, as many as you want to eat!

  • Granulated sugar

  • Cooking torch

1. I like mission figs but you can use any varietal really. I just enjoy the dark inky outside of them in contrast to the pink middle. So pretty! Now, go ahead and cut them in half.

2. Coat each half with the sugar. You want to use a thick coat because the torch will blow some of it off when you begin burning it.

3. Burn the sugar with your cooking torch and then let them cool, and serve.


Fig Brûlée Dessert Recipe
Looking for a simple, bite-sized dessert that takes no time at all...oh, and is super tasty. Try this fig brûlée recipe. It's vegan, takes about a minute to make and is also quite healthy.

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