Fig Brûlée Dessert Recipe

Fig Brûlée Dessert Recipe© jerry James Stone

Oh figs, how I love thee. This is probably my favorite fruit. I love the taste, the texture and the way it looks--so beautiful and delicate. For this reason, I am always looking for ways to include figs in a meal. I have put them on pizza, grilled them and now I have brûléed them! Oh, this dessert is simply divine.

  • Organic figs, as many as you want to eat!
  • Granulated sugar
  • Cooking torch

Bowl of Organic Mission Figs© jerry James Stone

1. I like mission figs but you can use any varietal really. I just enjoy the dark inky outside of them in contrast to the pink middle. So pretty! Now, go ahead and cut them in half.

Sliced Figs© jerry James Stone

2. Coat each half with the sugar. You want to use a thick coat because the torch will blow some of it off when you begin burning it.

Sugar Coated Figs© jerry James Stone

3. Burn the sugar with your cooking torch and then let them cool, and serve.

Fig Brûlée Dessert Recipe© jerry James Stone

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