Delicious Desserts! 12 sweet recipes for vegans and vegetarians

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These simple, tasty recipes are healthier versions of favorite desserts, from chocolate pudding to cupcakes to ice cream to quick breads.

Sweet and creamy one-ingredient ice cream in 5 minutes [Vegan]
There is one single ingredient needed for this thick, decadent ice cream. But the variety of flavors it makes is limited only by your imagination.

Dark chocolate mousse with cardamom, candied ginger and hazelnuts [Vegan]
A rich and decadent mousse, that is completely vegan? Yep!

Chocolate cupcakes with strawberry filling [Vegan]
A decadent treat that no one would ever know is vegan!

Fresh figs in cashew cream with toasted coconut [Vegan, Raw]
Combining fresh figs with this cashew cream is a delicious simple breakfast or, when sprinkled with a few semi-sweet chocolate chips, an amazing dessert.

Cinnamon and spice candied almonds [Vegetarian]
These delicious almonds are easy to make, and boast the sweet and spicy flavors of fall.

Chocolate avocado pudding [Vegan, Raw]
Decadent, rich, thick and creamy, this pudding boasts amazing flavor and smooth texture. Plus, it's the healthiest pudding recipe you're likely to find!

Healthy banana blueberry bread [Vegan]
This vegan version of the favorite quick bread is about as healthy as you'll find for this delicious, moist, banana-flavored treat.

Strawberry galettes with pistachio crumble [Gluten-free]
More relaxed than a tart, but more elegant than a cookie with jam on top, these galettes are a beautiful and delicious dessert treat for any occasion.

Coffee Walnut Cookies [Vegetarian]
Simplicity at its best! These cookies have just a few ingredients, yet taste like a gourmet masterpiece.

Chocolate-filled peanut butter cookies [Vegan, Gluten-free]
Using healthy olive oil, the natural sweetness of agave nectar, and only the best fair trade chocolate, these peanut butter cookies hold a delicious surprise at their center.

Summer fruit tartlets with lemon olive oil crust [Vegetarian, Gluten-Free]
A gluten-free recipe for tiny, sweet fruit tarts with a hint of citrus -- including apricot and pistachio, strawberry and almonds, blueberry and walnut, and raspberry and pecan.

Healthy pumpkin and spice quickbread with nuts [Vegan, Gluten-Free]
This delicious bread is simple to make, and tastes like pumpkin pie in bread form! Moist, fluffy, and with three kinds of nuts, you'll want to ring in the fall season with this recipe.

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