Delectable cupcakes disguised as houseplants

Alana Jones-Mann
via Alana Jones-Mann

If you are someone who has a bit of a sweet tooth, there's a good chance that cupcakes will rank as one of life's sweet little pleasures. Coming in all sorts of shapes and colours to suit a range of culinary predilections, the usual cupcake comes frosted and sprinkled with a bit of decorative flair. But in an ingenious combination of cupcake love with the green goodness of gardening, Brooklyn-based baker and DIY maker Alana Jones-Mann created these lovely cupcake delights that look very much like real houseplants.

Jones-Mann explains that she got her inspiration from a recent gardening project, using crushed graham crackers to achieve the look of soil. She also gives a tip on how to make them even more realistic-looking:

In an effort to not too realistically portray potted house plants, I decided to leave the liners on the cupcakes (instead of covering them in a clay fondant pot). These unbleached liners are great when going for a natural look.

We have to admit that we are salivating over these cute little frosted cacti and succulents; and of course, the recipe can always be made vegan. For the full tutorial, head on over to Alana Jones-Mann's blog, and for more delicious baking ideas, check out the related links on the left.

Delectable cupcakes disguised as houseplants
Cleverly frosted and decorated to look like real houseplants, you can have your garden and eat it too with these delicious cupcakes.

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