Coffee and Cream Sorbet (Vegan)

I don't drink a lot of coffee. But when I do, I like it dark and un-molested by sugar or cream. However, when I cook with it, it's no holds barred. I use it in risotto and even french onion soup. This time I decided on something a little more traditional: sorbet. Enjoy this dessert with a white Port, preferably one with caramel notes.

  • 4 cups of coffee (I used La Mirella by Noble Coffee Roasting)
  • 1 cup soy milk
  • 1/4 cup brown sugar
  • 1 table spoon vanilla

I used coffee from Noble Coffee Roasting for this recipe. Noble's Kenyan Kiaora coffee is the first certified organic coffee grown in Kenya, and the reason the company was a recipient of a Good Food Award. La Mirella by Noble is truly a treat. The coffee is brimming with floral and citrus and has a very clean finish. I suggest you give Noble a try.

1. Place a small baking dish in the freezer before you start making this recipe.

2. Brew four cups of coffee. I prefer my coffee muddy so I used a French press.

3. Dress the coffee with the soy milk, brown sugar and vanilla. Of course, adjust the milk and sugar to your preference. If you do not take your coffee with sugar, I still suggest you use some for this recipe.

4. Let the coffee cool to room temperature.

5. Once the coffee is has cooled, pour it into the glass baking dish and return the dish to the freezer. This is really important. Do not add hot or warm coffee to the frozen baking dish!

6. Every 30 minutes, run a fork through the coffee mixture while leaving it in the freezer. This prevents the mixture from settling into one large block of ice.

8. Once all of the coffee has frozen to a slushy like consistency, let it set for another 30 minutes and then serve.

This dessert is more accurately called a Granita.

A Granita is made just like a Sorbet but by hand. Sorbets and Granitas are dairy-free and egg-free frozen desserts made from juice or flavored water, and simple syrup. A Sorbet is slowly churned just like Ice Cream to create a snowy texture. Ice Cream has a custard-base, instead of a juice-base, and is made with milk, cream, sugar and (typically) egg yolks. Gelato has a similar base (though eggs are rare) but is churned a much slower speed at a warmer temperature.

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