A big spread of vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes

thankgiving dinner
CC BY 2.0 Thanksgiving Dinner 2015 on Shoe Lake, Ontario, Canada. (Photo: Katherine Martinko, after Norman Rockwell)

Let's do the time warp again, and show my favorite photo of half the TreeHugger team's Thanksgiving dinner up north where it happens in October, and a roundup of our favorite vegan and vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes, just in case you have not started thinking about what to cook for dinner.

9 showstopping vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes

PumpkinFlickr/Laurel Fan/CC BY 2.0

Aside from the proliferation of cut-out paper pilgrims and clusters of Indian corn, nothing says "Thanksgiving" like a big dead bird center-stage on the table. For those of us who prefer our birds pecking around in the fields rather than plucked and on the plate, the lack of said dead bird leaves the Thanksgiving table looking a bit barren. More in TreeHugger

38 gourmet Thanksgiving recipes for vegans and vegetarians

Looking for amazing Thanksgiving recipes that cater to those of us skipping meat? We've got you covered! Check out these fantastic ideas for appetizers, sides, mains and dessert! More in TreeHugger

10 easy vegan Thanksgiving side dishes

vegan sidesFlickr/kightp/CC BY 2.0

Looking for a tasty Thanksgiving side dish? Prefer a spread that doesn't disturb the good health and well-being of the other beasts on this planet? You've come to the right place for both. More in TreeHugger

9 Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes Carnivores Will Eat Too

At Thanksgiving, avoiding meat and dairy presents a whole new set of obstacles for the vegan eater: beef broth in the gravy, sausage in the stuffing, butter in the mashed potatoes, cream in the soup. And then there are all your relatives -- who aren't vegan. These nine recipes make it easy to serve up a vegan Thanksgiving for your whole family -- or to add one or two hearty and delicious dishes which even the most hard-core meat eaters will tackle with relish. More in TreeHugger

Menu for a vegan Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving looks different these days than it used to. There was a time when roasted turkey was a given, but as dietary preferences change and increasing numbers of people turn to vegetarianism and veganism, this most traditional of holiday meals is evolving, too. Now it’s more common to find meat-free mains and dairy-free desserts on the table, as well as family members who, thankfully, are no longer so baffled by veganism. More in TreeHugger.

A big spread of vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes
We round up our favorite meatless meals and sides.

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