8 Recipes for Low-Sugar Sorbets

While it's true that eliminating sugar altogether in the pursuit of sugar-free sorbet-making can be tricky -- much of the texture relies on the crystalline nature of sugar -- a delectable sorbet can still be made with less sugar.

These recipes all use less sugar than the amount typical recipes call for (which can top out at a cup of sugar per cup of juice, gak) without giving up any of the flavor.

1. Watermelon Cilantro Sorbet

Watermelon is sweet and cool, and the perfect candidate for sorbet, even more perfect when it's got a dash of bright herbaceous green in it, as does this Watermelon and Cilantro Sorbet.

2. Banana Sorbet

Sorbetjamieanne/CC BY 2.0

Bananas have so much more life other than simply being one of the world's most popular fruits. Beyond all the creative ways they can be employed, they make for one of the coolest one-ingredient desserts in town, Banana Sorbet.

3. Kiwi and Serrano Sorbet

Leave it to Jerry to concoct this surprising Kiwi and Serrano Sorbet that simultaneously provides coolness, sweet, and heat.

4. Blood Orange Sorbet

Sorbetsweetbeetandgreenbean/CC BY 2.0

Few fruits are more delicious in sorbet than blood orange juice with its beautiful slightly bitter citrus depth, this
Blood Orange Sorbet from Annie's Eats does the whole shebang sweet juicy justice.

5. Pineapple Sorbet

Sorbetjules:stonesoup/CC BY 2.0

Welcome to a fantastic dessert hack, the one-ingredient Pineapple Sorbet. As much as we may be all about promoting farmers markests and fresh produce, sometimes you just have to break out a can of pineapple for a ridiculously easy treat.

6. Coffee and Cream Sorbet

It's vegan, it's roasty and creamy and sweet, and it comes with a little coffee kick: Coffee and Cream Sorbet.

7. Mango Sorbet

Sorbetmy_amii/CC BY 2.0

Mango is another natural fruit for the freezer. It's super sweet flavor and creamy texture are the basis on which to make the decidedly delicious Mango Sorbet.

8. Mixed Berry Sorbet

SorbetMarxFoods.com/CC BY 2.0

Raspberry sorbet it great, strawberry sorbet is great, blueberry sorbet is great. Mixed Berry Sorbet, which mixes all of them together, is great-times-three.

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8 Recipes for Low-Sugar Sorbets
Enough with the loads of sugar already, these recipes rely on the sweet vibrant flavors inherent in fruit rather than an excess of added sweeteners.

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