19 ways to use Nutella

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There were the Moscow Salt Riots of 1648, the Boston Bread Riots of the early 1700s, and the 19th-century Flour Riots in New York City ... but how can you top the Nutella Riots that happened across France in January of 2018? Ok, to be fair, the violent skirmishes that broke out when a supermarket chain slashed the price of Nutella were more akin to Black Friday rampaging than political upheaval, but it sure does say something about the fanatical lure of the beloved hazelnut spread. What kind of sorcery is going on in those jars anyway? So devoted are the masses to the sugary-palm-oily confection that not only does it inspire riots, but it has its own holiday as well. Behold February 5: World Nutella Day.

So how should you celebrate? A) Do not start a riot B) make your own healthy and palm-oil free version C) use it in any one of these magical ways.

1. Open jar, insert spoon, eat. See photo above.

2. Mix it in chia pudding

3. Swirl it in banana bread

4. Stir it in cereal

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5. Slip it in crepes

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6. Put it in pancakes

7. Rim your iced coffee glass with it

8. Make hot chocolate (add a kick!)

9. House it in cookies

10. Top toast

11. Stuff a croissant

12. Insert pretzels

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13. Grill it in a sandwich

14. Grill it in a sandwich with banana!

15. Make hearts in your brownie batter

16. Put it on apples

17. Enrich a smoothie

18. Slather a waffle

19. Make a milkshake ... then call 911

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19 ways to use Nutella
Number one: Open jar, insert spoon, eat.

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