16 Simple and easy vegetarian recipes for July

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Basic granola recipe for quick and healthy breakfasts and snacks

Yogurt parfaits in a mason jar for breakfasts on the go

Lunch and Dinner

Baked avocado fries

Pinto bean mole chili with orange zest

Spicy sauteed tofu with wild mushrooms and a ginger-garlic sauce

Arugula salad with thyme-toasted walnuts

Rich and cheesy kale gratin

Coconut curry tofu with green apple, mango and peanuts

Pear and spinach salad with caramelized onions and blue cheese

Curried wild rice, lentil and orzo salad with caramelized onions and toasted almonds

Tunisian tagine with a cinnamon bread topping

Black bean chipotle chili with zucchini lime fritters

Arugula and chickpea salad with lemon dill vinaigrette

Couscous and avocado salad with dijon-thyme vinaigrette


Summer fruit tartlets with lemon olive oil crust

Sweet and creamy one-ingredient ice cream in 5 minutes

16 Simple and easy vegetarian recipes for July
Great, healthy recipes for a hot summer month filled with barbeques and picnics. Get ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert!

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