10 wonderful crust ideas for inspired pies

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All pies are beautiful, but these twists on the crust bring some fresh fun to the classic.

If National Pie Day isn't the best themed celebration day, I don't know what is. What's better than pie? So today we celebrate pie ... and in truth, shhh, every day we celebrate pie! While the basics of dough, fruit and heat are magical alchemy enough, getting creative with the look of the crust is kind of irresistible. So with that in mind, here are some favorites from around the web to spark some inspiration.

1. Crust as canvas

Free your inner artist, try pie dough as your next medium! This sweet owl pie (well, actually it's a blueberry pie, thankfully) is next level, but with some practice and clever cookie cutters the pictorial pie is within reach.

2. Embracing the rustic, go galette

Cherry pie© Melissa Breyer
Free-form pies – AKA galettes – are great fun; this cherry galette was accompanying some other rustic desserts for Thanksgiving and I wanted it to have some character. I built up the walls to give it a quirky shape and added some pie dough flowers for pizzazz. A more experienced galette-maker might have baked it right on a baking sheet, but to ensure that the ingredients stayed relatively in-place, I then put the whole shebang in a tart pan just in case. Read a great galette how-to here.

3. Color the crust

I'm not sure I've ever been so smitten with a pie more than I am with this exquisite masterpiece by Linda Lomelino – it's an apple pie with a crust made purple by the inclusion of blueberry powder. Read more at Linda's gorgeous blog, Call Me Cupcake. (She also has a book all about pie that is achingly pretty!)

4. Hello, peek-a-boo pie

Another set of beauties thanks to Linda Lomelino, the top two showing how to use a cookie cutter to reveal some of the pie's glorious secrets. (Note: This method have a proper name other than peek-a-boo pie, but I'm sticking it with it.)

5. Plant a garden

A lesson in "less is not always more" and the benefits of a good cookie cutter collection.

6. Rethinking the classic lattice

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I love the wave pattern on this, "Apple Blackberry Kumquat Pie with Nutmeg Sweetened Condensed Milk" creation, right? It's a super fresh take on the traditional lattice, and could be taken in any number of other pattern directions.

7. Love a hot mess

Messy pie© Melissa Breyer
During this adventure in baking, I dumped a plum pie onto the open oven door when removing its previously perfect self from the range. Rather than waste and collapse in dismay (ok, there was some collapsing in dismay) I scooped it into a pie-shape, baked it a little more to help it set, and dressed it up with some slivered almonds and pink peppercorns and pretended like a wabi-sabi pie was the intention all along. Don't fear a mess should a mess befall you, just dress it up. A reminder of the beautiful benefits of imperfection.

8. Tea with your pie?

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Just add matcha tea powder! I did a big round-up of ways to use matcha, and did I include pie? No. What was I thinking?

9. Go literary

Because what's better than pie and books?

10. Pie with a message

As you might imagine, the Internet had a field day with this pie. ("Methinks this pie doth protest too much," replied one tweeter; "that's exactly what a spider-filled pie would say," wrote another.) While the spider(less) pie is hilarious, the idea of birthday message pies and the like is very fun.

For more on the beauty that is dough and fruit, see: Crisps, betties, buckles and slumps: The Who’s Who of fruit desserts

10 wonderful crust ideas for inspired pies
All pies are beautiful, but these twists on the crust bring some fresh fun to the classic.

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