10 salsa and guacamole recipes

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Summer is the season for festivities -- and that likely means salsa. Lots and lots of salsa. We couldn't let you head into the summer holidays without having a wide range of recipes at your fingertips. These salsa and guacamole recipes range from classic favorites to unusual stand-outs. A bonus (and not unusual among salsa recipes) is that all of these recipes are vegan!

1. The world's best guacamole
Okay, okay. Everyone says their guacamole is the best. But this one really is tops. Just a handful of ingredients, a quick trick to preparation, and you have some phenomenal guacamole that won't last long at a party!

2. Fresh corn salsa
This delicious corn salsa screams "SUMMER!" -- it won't last long if there's a bowl of chips near by!

3. Mango avocado salsa
Sweet and savory, with a delicate texture, this salsa is a perfect accompaniment for spicy meals at lunches and picnics.

4. Classic restaurant-style tomato salsa
This traditional salsa is a real crowd-pleaser. It comes together in less than 10 minutes, and will disappear even faster -- it's that good!

5. Tomatillo avocado salsa
Enjoy this salsa on your favorite tacos, or with some blue corn tortillas, and nicely chilled Pinot Grigio.

6. Pear and serrano salsa
A delightfully crunchy salsa with the delicate sweetness of pear and bold kick of serrano -- all combined with mint and cilantro.

7. Spicy strawberry avocado salsa
This salsa is a fresh and interesting take on more traditional salsas, and is a wonderful way to celebrate the transition from late spring into early summer.

8. Salsa-stuffed avocados
Enjoy the whole avocado in this great twist on a guacamole. These make a great addition to a Cinco de Mayo lunch or dinner.

9. Strawberry and Serrano Pepper Salsa
This strawberry salsa is complex and hot, perfect for most any starter.

10. Grilled Avocado Guacamole
This guacamole has a nice smokiness to it that's a great fit for fajitas or anything grilled.

10 salsa and guacamole recipes
We have a variety of sweet, spicy and savory salsas and guacamole recipes that will brighten up the food table at your party. And all are vegan!

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