10 salsa and guacamole recipes

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Summer is the season for festivities -- and that likely means salsa. Lots and lots of salsa. We couldn't let you head into the summer holidays without having a wide range of recipes at your fingertips. These salsa and guacamole recipes range from classic favorites to unusual stand-outs. A bonus (and not unusual among salsa recipes) is that all of these recipes are vegan!

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1. The world's best guacamole
Okay, okay. Everyone says their guacamole is the best. But this one really is tops. Just a handful of ingredients, a quick trick to preparation, and you have some phenomenal guacamole that won't last long at a party!

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2. Fresh corn salsa
This delicious corn salsa screams "SUMMER!" -- it won't last long if there's a bowl of chips near by!

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3. Mango avocado salsa
Sweet and savory, with a delicate texture, this salsa is a perfect accompaniment for spicy meals at lunches and picnics.

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4. Classic restaurant-style tomato salsa
This traditional salsa is a real crowd-pleaser. It comes together in less than 10 minutes, and will disappear even faster -- it's that good!

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5. Tomatillo avocado salsa
Enjoy this salsa on your favorite tacos, or with some blue corn tortillas, and nicely chilled Pinot Grigio.

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6. Pear and serrano salsa
A delightfully crunchy salsa with the delicate sweetness of pear and bold kick of serrano -- all combined with mint and cilantro.

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7. Spicy strawberry avocado salsa
This salsa is a fresh and interesting take on more traditional salsas, and is a wonderful way to celebrate the transition from late spring into early summer.

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8. Salsa-stuffed avocados
Enjoy the whole avocado in this great twist on a guacamole. These make a great addition to a Cinco de Mayo lunch or dinner.

Strawberry Salsa and Honey Crostini© Jaymi Heimbuch
9. Strawberry and Serrano Pepper Salsa
This strawberry salsa is complex and hot, perfect for most any starter.

Green Wine Guide Robert Hall Recipe: Guacamole© Jaymi Heimbuch
10. Grilled Avocado Guacamole
This guacamole has a nice smokiness to it that's a great fit for fajitas or anything grilled.

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