10 most loved vegetarian and vegan recipes of 2013

potato curry photo
© Jaymi Heimbuch

At the beginning of 2013, I started The Cooking Project. The goal was to learn my way around the kitchen by recreating many of the recipes by Kelly Rossiter found on TreeHugger as well as expanding to new recipes that you, dear readers, would love. All said, I think the project has found success in that I've learned a lot -- from combining spices to finding seasonal ingredients to improving vegan baking skills -- and you have explored the recipes alongside me. In fact, some recipes have been really well received. These are the 10 most popular recipes from The Cooking Project this year, and I have to say, you all sure love your avocados!

10. Chilled double chocolate torte with pecan crust [Vegan, Raw]

9. 3 recipes for homemade vegan mayonnaise

8. Crispy zucchini pancakes [Vegetarian]

7. Healthy pumpkin and spice quickbread with nuts [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

6. Baked avocado fries [Vegetarian]

5. Chocolate avocado pudding [Vegan, Raw]

4. Healthy banana blueberry bread [Vegan]

3. Basic granola recipe for quick and healthy breakfasts and snacks [Vegan]

2. Sweet and creamy one-ingredient ice cream in 5 minutes [Vegan]

1. The world's best guacamole recipe [Vegan]

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