10 Easy recipes for eating local and vegetarian in April

Eating healthful meals during busy weekdays in early spring can be as easy as throwing a few ingredients into a casserole dish and putting them in the oven. We've gathered 10 great springtime recipes from soups to bakes, from vegetables to cookies. Enjoy!

Spicy mushroom stir-fry [Vegan]: Simple, speedy and spicy. Couldn't ask for a better recipe for a busy weekday meal.

Baked white beans with caramelized onions [Vegetarian]: A handful of ingredients makes a casserole that can last all week as delicious leftovers for speedy lunches and dinners.

Hearty vegetable soup with pasta shells [Vegan]: We are well into spring but there is still that occasional cold snap. Warm up with this healthy soup.

Artichoke, kale and ricotta pie [Vegetarian]: A simple, easy bake that you can throw together, toss in the oven, and serve up hot on a busy week night.

Spinach and avocado salad with garlic mustard vinaigrette [Vegan]: A beautiful and healthy spring time salad that brightens any meal.

Savory bite-sized quinoa and kale patties [Vegetarian]: These tasty morsels satisfy that fried food craving the healthy way.

Cauliflower with herb salsa verde [Vegan]: A great way to sneak cauliflower in as a zesty, spicy addition to round out a meal.

Swiss chard and goat cheese casserole [Vegetarian]: This quick dish comes together quickly for a week night meal, and makes excellent leftovers for a healthy lunch the next day.

Moroccan tagine with root vegetables [Vegan]: Kelly writes, "This is a nice recipe to make at this time of the year where I live, a bit of a goodbye to celeriac for the season, anticipating the spring vegetables that will hopefully be coming in this week or next in Toronto."

Chocolate, hazelnut and oatmeal cookies [Gluten-free]: It can be hard to find gluten-free baking recipes that actually taste good -- which is why I'm so excited about this cookie recipe. They're delicious!

10 Easy recipes for eating local and vegetarian in April
These 10 recipes are simple and delicious -- and they'll help you feel proud about your food's small carbon footprint.

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