Easy Tip for Biking in a Skirt, All You Need Is a Penny and a Rubber Band

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How to bike while wearing a skirt is not something I've ever really thought about, I have to admit. But if I ever decide to ride while wearing a kilt, I'll be sure to try this clever tip by Johanna Holtan, the creator of Penny in yo' Pants.

To explain how the tip works, she's created this video with her friends:

The video seems to be hitting a nerve with the skirt-wearing cyclists out there, because it already has 2.1 million views in just a couple weeks! I much prefer to see cycling videos go viral than cat videos...

Trying out first prototype of #pennyinyopants on my way to work! #cyclehack pic.twitter.com/AecK4ctoLe
— Penny in Yo' Pants (@pennyinyopants) July 7, 2014

And if this is too low tech for you, Johanna writes: "We are currently making a new model of Penny in Yo’ Pants to prevent the puckering of skirt fabric that happens when you use a penny. We also want to make it even easier to cycle with a skirt! We will launch this new product through Kickstarter."

And if you're biking in Canada where the penny is no more, no problem:

@Sust_Mobility @pennyinyopants Pennies were phased out in Canada but your genius idea coverts to #nickelknickers pic.twitter.com/nTnmse0maY
— Andrea M (@grrrarchivist) July 8, 2014
How to cycle with skirt penny in yo pants tip

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Set up your bike like a pro

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