11 Easy to Save Flower Seeds

easy flower seeds to save


Summer is prime seed saving season for me. I collect seeds from my own garden, but I also responsibly collect seeds from gardens around me. Even if I don’t want to grow a particular plant I’ll collect and save the seeds because I may come across a gardener that is looking for that seed. Through seed saving I’m able to communicate with gardeners who I may never have interacted with otherwise.

To me, seeds grow more than just flowers. Seeds build community with very little effort, and almost no cost.

The following 11 videos are videos I’ve recorded and uploaded to YouTube to demonstrate how easy it is to save seeds from some of the most commonly found flowers in gardens. I’ve listed them alphabetically to help you find the one you’re most interested in.

1. Allium Seeds

2. Bachelor's Button Seeds

3.Candy Lily

4. Calendula Seeds

5. Columbine Flower Seeds

6. Cleome Seeds

7. Four O' Clock Seeds

8.Marigold Seeds

9. Morning Glory Seeds

10. Nasturtium Seeds

11. Poppy Seeds

You can see these and other garden videos on my YouTube channel which I invite you to subscribe to if you‘re interested in saving seeds. I hope to focus on videos on saving edible this summer, but I’ll continue to add more flower seeds, and if you have a request for a seed collecting how-to feel free to mention it and I’ll see if I can fulfill it.

What's the easiest flower to save seeds from in your garden? Do you save and share seeds from plants you grow?