Earthrise: The Photo That Launched a Movement.


This is a reprise of an earlier anniversary.

Ten years ago I wrote:

It has been said that the pictures taken on Christmas Eve forty years ago created the environmental movement, that for the first time people really could see that we really were all together on one little boat floating in space.
Now of course, people are far more blasé and would probably write it off as a photoshop job, but then we took it seriously. One historian wrote:
These images, along with hundreds of other still pictures taken of the whole Earth during Apollo's nine flights to the Moon, helped to drive the momentum of a burgeoning green movement during the 1970s.
They fuelled an awareness of the vulnerability of the Earth which still resonates with us today and shapes our behaviour.

Five years ago Andy Revkin pointed to a new visualization of the making of the photos. "The sequence shows how — with all NASA’s planning and precision — the prospect of witnessing, and recording, an 'Earthrise' was completely unanticipated."


NASA/Public Domain

They started in black and white, and soon you hear, "Quick, grab the color!" The best line is, "Hey, that's not on the schedule."