Names Its Top Five Green Jobs

Conservation biologists can have varied offices, including the great outdoors. (Photo: Production Perig/Shutterstock)

Today, Amanda Wills named her top five green jobs choices in an article on I enjoy reading these lists, as each one is a bit different. In a previous article, I discussed Fast Company’s list of top green jobs for the next decade; farmers topped that list. At the top of Wills’ list is conservation biologist.

“So, what would you do with a conservation biology degree? It’s not all lab coats and beakers. This career can lead to opportunities in teaching, research, fieldwork, government and nonprofit work.” Source:

The other jobs included in the top five list include urban planner, solar power installer, science teacher and chief sustainability officer. Two of these positions also made Forbes’ magazine’s list of six-figure green jobs: urban planner and chief sustainability office. An entry-level urban planner won’t garner a six-figure income but a senior urban planner can easily earn in excess of $100,000 a year.

Of the five jobs listed, my favorite is science teacher. Wills discusses the importance of learning about making eco-conscious decisions from a young age. As children grow up knowing more about how they impact the environment, making eco-friendly choices will become second nature to them.

If you had to create your own top five green jobs list, which positions would make the cut?